If you are looking for a challenge, join us on a trip you will never forget!

The Scandinavian mountain range with its more than 1300 km offers most of what many would call real wilderness. To traverse its length by your own steam has become a classic.  Its completion is proof of mountain knowledge and experience, but also of good judgement, endurance and friendship.

To experience the whole trip, or parts of it, is a beautiful experience you will never forget.

26907320-xsBqhThe Trip is divided in 5 Parts with an estimated duration of 1.300km total and 50 Days. Each part leads us through beautiful sceneries and will end with a check point and re-supply for those who want to continue. We will sleep in tents, shelter and hosted cabins depending on where we are on the trail.




Package includes: Outer cloths, Mukluks, Mittens, your own dog team, sleeping bag, Tentipi tent/cabins depending on what you want, All meals/drinks, Transportation.

Price 30.000Sek/pers. for 10 +2 days with more on request. Just contact us.

Available Times 2020:

The whole duration of the trip 11th February – 31st March