Driving your own team of dogs is a great experience, an exciting adventure in the snowy winterworld of the North. The impressive performance of the sled dogs will certainly remain an outstanding memory of an incredible adventure tour. 

The dogs are restless, want to go. When the journey begins, they are in their element! With great endurance those outstanding kind and loving creatures let the sled glide over the pristine snow carpet. The journey through the infinite white becomes a pleasure, an experience that will last for a long time.

The tours last from 2 to 5 full days, in groups of 2-8 participants, and follow along the beautiful southern Kungsleden trail on which you will spend the nights in wooden stove heated mountain cabins. Added to this are the arrival and departure day, which you also spend on site.

Prices vary from 7.000Sek – 14.000Sek for 2-5 days with more on request. Just contact us. Package includes: Your own dog team, All meals/drinks, Cabin rentals, Transportation with Outer clothes, Sleeping bags and boots for rent

Time period: 28 Dec – 30 April