Private Northern Lights and Wine sled dog tour
1.800nok/Pax 2 people max

Join us for a dog trip you´ll never forget!

Dressed up in warm cloths and snuggled in in a warm and cozy sleeping bag, we will take you out on a special northern lights hunt. Let the dogs pull you through the beautiful polar night, passing deep valleys and majestic mountains, accompanied by the clean, arctic silence, only interrupted by the breathing of running dogs and our sled gliding on the hard-packed snow surface.
Hopefully we will see the magnificent, flickering northern lights above our heads, like a green beacon leading our way through the darkness and leaving us in awe.
Since you might want to capture this perfect moment in a memorable picture, we will stop to make a small fire and let you enjoy a snack and a “glass” of wine while you adjust your camera or set up your tripod.

This tour is strictly private, so you can enjoy every bit of it alone or together as a couple or with a friend!

The entire trip lasts about 6-7 hours, including a welcome break around the fire with reindeer salami/snacks, tea/coffee and a small wine/beer. If the weather is not on its best behaviour, we will set up a tipi tent and have our dinner “indoors“.
Any special requests can be arranged – no problem. Just let us know!

Including: Warm outer cloths, Mukluks, Sleds and Dogs, Snacks/drinks. Transport from the hotel to the camp in Bolterdalen and back.

1 November – 28 Feb

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