Customised Mountain – Glacier Day Hike with Pack Dog – 4 pax max

Join us for a day hike around Longyearbyen´s mountain and glacier areas. We are joined by a big, happy and loveable sled dog who carries our supplies and provides good company on our trip.
We customise the trip according to your fitness level and your personal interest. Whether you prefer the flat tundra or want to climb as many mountain tops around Longyearbyen as possible, we adapt the groups´ trip to your preferences!
The summer on Svalbard is as magnificent as its winter. The reindeers are grazing on the mountain sides and valleys, birds are flying everywhere, and beautiful polar flowers are growing as fast as they can in their short time before winter arrives again and covers the colourful landscape in white.
Spectacular views and remnants of the old mining days follow us through the beautifully wild landscape.

The entire excursion lasts a total of 6-7 hours and includes a travel meal/trail food, tea/coffee and snacks. Pick up at your hotel.

As the hike includes a few steeper and loose rock segments of walking you need to be at a moderate fitness level. Hiking Boots is a must.

01 June-31 August, Daily 10:00-17:00

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