Tobacco trail is an old smugglers trail that goes through Kiruna, Soppero, Karesuando and through Finland onwards to Russia. Terrain Map

Experience parts of the classic route of one of the most spectacular parts of nature you will ever find together with the incredible and loyal creatures we call man’s best friend – and I call family. The snow covered Tundra, lakes and Pine trees will show off in all its glory and give you a sense of solitude you might have missed in a long time.

If you want to really experience the wild, astonishing beauty of northern Sweden there is no better way than going back in time, pack a traditional sled with good traditional food and give the Polar dogs the command to go.

We will welcome you in our home close to Kiruna, dress you in proper outer cloths, wool and Steger Mukluks and introduce you to your team of big expedition dogs – the type of dogs have been used traditionally for centuries. The first night you will sleep comfortably in your sleeping bag in a Tipi warmed up by an open fire with a belly filled with sturdy food made over the camp fire.

We will start at right out of our homestead after eating a hardy breakfast and packing up the sleds. We will follow the Tobacco Trail and camp out along the way for a full five days out in nature. Only to return at the homestead with memories you will never forget.

Check with us about special longer trips and their prices!

Package includes: Outer cloths, Mukluks, Mittens, your own dog team, sleeping bag, Tentipi tent with wood stove, All meals/drinks, Transportation.

Cold Weather Dressing

Price 15.000Sek/pers. for 5 +2 days with more on request. Just contact us. For One or Two people only – Strictly private.

Available Times 2019 on request