Watch “Evening Endalen Hike with Pack Dog” on YouTube

*E* This video shows you how the Endalen hike looks like. Beautiful and versatile area filled with history, river beds, steep mountain walking, snow field to wade through and amazing views on the glacier. *D* Dieses Video bringt euch die Umgebung der Endalen Wanderung nahe. Mit historischen Ruinen, steinigem Flussbett, grünen Hängen, steilen Anstiegen, Schnee […]

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*E* The camp is slowly improving and in a few weeks we gonna do the first tourist runs. Until then the dogs are out every day on training runs and single trainings, too. *D* Nach und Nach wächst das Camp. Weitere Hunde kommen von Freunden in Norwegen und bald können wir die ersten Touren mit […]

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7 days out

this  7  day  trip  basicly  had  it  all… it´s  getting  spring  in  svalbard  and  the  valleys  are  filling  with  melting  water  making  traveling  tough. however, as soon as you go a bit higher and into the smaller valleys, you still find great trails to run on. wearing rubber boots and using an older rugged sled […]

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