Polardogs Sweden is a partnership of 2 Alaskan Malamute Kennels with the same goals  geographically divided by the mighty Kings Trail



He grew up as an ordinary Berlin city boy with no intention living in the outdoors. A decent education, a study after that, then working as an event lighting technician- that was the plan. But 10 years ago, it all changed when he got his first sleddog out of a dog shelter. Since then it was a constant improvement from city life, to a cabin in the woods of Germany, to 4 years of guiding people in northern Sweden. And finally, coming up to Svalbard with 5 of his own bred dogs. During all this time he learned allot from different people/musher and he did read all he could. The rest of the time he spent on multiple week hikes during summer and on the sled and skis during winter time.

Now he and his dogs are living between Kiruna and Svalbard


A Dog-mushing family


Christer was born and raised in Gothenburg. After his military service in the paratroops, he worked as fishing survey in northern Sweden. In 1979 he moved back to the city of Gothenburg to pursue a career in the fire brigade, but after 18 years of service he quit in 1997 and moved to Sörsjön to become a farmer and full time dog musher by providing dog sled tours for tourists and doing long distance sled dog races. Animals and nature has always been Christer´s big interest. In particular the breed Alaskan Malamute which made him become president of the Swedish Alaskan Malamute breed club and the Swedish Polardog Club between 2000-2006. He has three children, one with Kristin.


Kristin comes from Baerum outside Oslo. When she grew up she was mostly interested in horses, dogs, and nature. Horses was the main interest and she competed in dressage riding as a young rider. She has worked in different stables in Norway before starting the farming and sled dog kennel with Christer. Kristin also has been on the breeders board for the Swedish Alaskan Malamute Club.


Katarina is the daughter of Christer and Kristin and born in 1999. She studies on the gymnasium in Mora and lives there during the week days. On the weekends she comes home to Sörsjön and spends her free time on the animals but mostly the dogs. While Katarinas parents are passionate about the Alaskan Malamutes, she prefers to run Alaskan Huskies and competes with on long distance races. She helps out on the farm/company.