Private 8 Day Dogsled Expedition
40.000nok/Pax – 2 people max

Come and experience the hardship and beauty of a traditional expedition. Enjoy the shared work with man´s best friend and your expedition members. Worship the shelter of a traditional expedition tent, a good fatty meal and a cup of hot chocolate heated up by a paraffin stove.

We take you out on a classic expedition, packing up a big Inuit Sled, dress you in cotton and wool expedition cloths, Mukluks and strap on our expedition skis. As we travel along our polar dogs are pulling hard and waving their tails in excitement. Deep valleys and majestic mountains, sea ice and clean silence. 8 days of breathtaking views!

Since the dogs and I will stay out for a month, you will be transported from Longyearbyen to us by snowmobile!

If you want to really experience the wild, astonishing beauty of Svalbard there is no better way than going back in time, pack a traditional inuit sled with a tipi tent and trail food, strap the skis on and give the Polardogs the command to go.

8 Day Expedition Map

We adapt the route according to your wishes, fitness level and weather conditions, since customisation is what we prefer to do. Check with us about specials or even longer durations!

Package includes: Outer cloths, Skis, Big Dog Team, Sleeping Bag, Tentipi Tent, All meals/drinks, Transportation by car and snowmobile

Time frame:
Day 1: Transport by Snowmobile or Expedition start at the camp, depending on your booking time
Day 2-7: Dog Sled Expedition
Day 8: Half Day Dog Sled Expedition and Pick Up by Snowmobile/Expedition Member exchange or, if it´s the last expedition day, we will arrive back at the camp

Dates: open