Private Amundsen Style 5 Day Dogsledding Expedition
20.000nok/Pax 2 people

Polar dogs, deep valleys and majestic mountains, sea ice and clean silence, only interrupted by the breathing of running dogs, our sled and skis gliding on the hard-packed snow surface. 5 days of breathtaking views!
Experience one of the most spectacular parts of nature you will ever find together with the incredible and loyal creatures we call man’s best friend – and I call family.
If you want to really experience the wild, astonishing beauty of Svalbard there is no better way than going back in time, pack a traditional inuit sled with a tipi tent and pemmican trail food, strap the skis on and give the Polardogs the command to go.

Are you ready for a real adventure?
We´ll go out with a traditional Inuit Sled and a strong team of big expedition dogs like it has been done for centuries. Dressed in expedition outer cloths, wool and Steger Mukluks we will put on expedition skis and travel along with the dogs. When one of us gets tired he/she can jump on the runners to rest. The route we decide ourselves and will be customised according to what you might want to see.

Check with us about specials or longer trips!

Package includes: Outer cloths, Skis, Big Dog Team, Sleeping Bag, Tentipi Tent, All meals/drinks, Transportation

1 Feb – 31 May

Time frame:
Day 0: Please make sure we have the chance to meet up the evening before for a short talk about the tour
Day 1: Pick up from the hotel, start at the camp with dress up and all introductions
Day 2-4: Dog Sled Expedition
Day 5: We´ll be back at the camp in the evening and after feeding the dogs you´ll be brought back to your hotel

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