We have our first real snow fall today with quite some wind down at 0 elevation level. before it just snowed up the mountain. it´ll disappear again, but it´s nice get a winter feeling again. Will go out on a run with the boys now, so here are a few images shot lately.

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2 thoughts on “ Summer is nearly over ”

  1. Philipp, how big are the doghouses for your Malamutes? I would like to make some but I´m not sure about the right measurements. I keep reading something between 125 to 145 cm x 65 x 75 but it seems to me a bit too big for wintertime. I don´t think they can warm themselves in such big doghouses…


    1. hei man,
      i am quite the wrong person to talk about it. my dog boxes fit even my 71cm dogs with a size of 80x60x80 with 12mm plywood.
      really simple and not to be warm, but to have wind shelter. the boys barely go inside there, even in high winds.
      but here we don´t have much laws about sizes and such. in Sweden for example the boxes need to be insulated and pretty much the size you wrote about…
      you can find infos at the kennel clubs…


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